SVENTAGLIO ... A name that makes us different!

SVENTAGLIO ... A name that makes us different!


The beach tennis is one of the youngest racquet sports, born in the late twentieth century and is one of the fastest growing in the world. 

Being tennis, paddle and badminton among others, more known within this great family, tenis playa in Spanish, little by little it is gaining its space showing its special features. 

Comprises  features that make it unique, ranging from the surface of the game, the height of the net, the ball, the rackets and the technical and tactical aspects. 

All this causes that at the time of playing to find new ways of executing the hits to be more effective, and this is where one of the hits of the beach tennis, the "Sventaglio" with a name in the language of the country where this sport was born, Italy. 

The Sventaglio is a blow, very spectacular by the way, that allows us to attack the ball with a topspin effect when we have something above the net and on our side of the reverse looking for the point by accelerating the ball.

Defined, analyzed and whit their learning progressions, find the Sventaglio in the book of beach tennis " 13 Golpes Los más usados  (13 Blows The most used that you can see HERE).

Being different is what makes us unique!